Discovery Bio Bidet — Seat Yourself in Comfort

Here is my review of the BEMIS Bio Bidet Discovery bidet seat. A toilet seat is not the exact thing I like to talk about — but this bidet seat provides an enhanced cleaning experience that takes everything to a whole new level.

The Bio Bidet Discovery DLS

Discovery Bio Bidet — Seat Yourself in Comfort

You can sit down to a comfortable heated seat with adjustable temperature controls. Everyone in the fam likes it warm, except me — I like it cold. No problem because the temp is controllable.

I have to say the most fun for me is to act surprised and scream as the toilet lid “magically” opens or shuts by itself. So, yes, the kids take me in multiple times each day to get my reaction. They also love to show their friends. And yes, the dang leprechauns put green water in the bidet on St. Patrick’s Day — and because it’s so awesome — the Easter Bunny couldn’t resist hopping in there and using the bidet, too. You see — this jewel pleases everyone!

Personal hygiene

Hygiene is important, and right now, hygiene is at a premium. The automatic UV sterilization function ensures your bathroom and your body are free from germs. The Discovery Bio Bidet has a stainless steel nozzle, it’s self-cleaning (you don’t have to remember to turn it on — it just cleans everything automatically) and the process is UV sterilization.

UV Sterilization Discovery Bio Bidet
Stainless Steel nozzle, UV Sterilization


Eliminates the need for toilet paper

I can’t give up the toilet paper yet — but it really can eliminate this usage, which will greatly benefit the environment. The enhanced warm air dryer works well, and it’s a great and comfortable way to wrap up your cleaning routine.

Discovery Bio Bidet Seat Yourself in Comfort                       Enjoy the classy, low profile design.

What I liked

What I like the best is the low profile design. I love the confidence that everything in the bathroom is free of germs. The built-in sterilizer that automatically cleanses the nozzle after each use was very important to me. I’m a little germaphobic — so the whole process is important to me.

I like the quiet (zero noise) convenient automatic open and close of the lid. Even more — I like that little hands and fingers can touch this, and not only is it clean — but the lid doesn’t slam. It gently closes and doesn’t smash little fingers—all safe — really essential in my world.

The easily adjustable water pressure, water temperature and spray pattern are the best. It’s also nice to have a quiet, warm air dryer.

But — my favorite thing is still the classy, low profile design.

Image Credit : taken from the BEMIS bio bidet website

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