Product Review — New Airweave Mattress Advanced

The new Airweave Mattress Advanced is a great mattress. It has many features that I wanted in a mattress. The first is the ability to have a quick movable mattress. When you have guests over who are picky about what they sleep on — it was nice to pull out an option and be able to move it and set it up myself.

New Airweave Mattress Advanced

Product Review — New Airweave Mattress Advanced

The movability is a fantastic option for those who have to move frequently — especially students. I was determined to get this mattress for my student’s movability — and “friends staying over with my student.” All with the movability option. This mattress is very stable and firm and can take a pounding — another factor I looked for.

New Tech for Better Sleep

This mattress has a web-based app that you can use to measure your body for a measurement analysis. This gives you a personalized mattress configuration. Just use your smartphone — lie down and have a friend snap a photo. This gives you the industry-first analysis to achieve the proper sleep posture. Think: less pain.

My student doesn’t have a larger backside — however, I do — and I get low back pain with the posterior sinking into the mattress. With the Airweave Mattress Advanced — you can order the middle section as a firm with the result of zero back pain after a week. The firm support helps maintain the correct position for the body and relieves that pressure point on the low back.

Easy setup for bed in a box — Airweave MattressNo sinking posterior — Airweave Mattress Advanced







Airfiber is the proprietary technology and material that makes up the core, or inside, of this mattress. The Airfiber helps you move and turn easily while evenly distributing your weight. You sleep better and it is a cooler sleep, too.

Easy to move, lightweight

The mattress has a DUAL MODE which is an engineering tech that can give you firmness on either side of the airweave fiber material and there are three firmness levels that you can choose — soft, medium and firm.

Longer Lasting and Sustainable

What I appreciate best about this mattress is that you can replace different parts of the mattress instead of having to replace the entire mattress. Forget thinking about picturing shoes floating around in our oceans — I picture mattresses sinking to the ocean floor. I was really sold on the sustainable option of this mattress. The bed arrives in three small boxes and assembles in minutes. A great option for you or your student.

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