Spring is Here – You Need GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter

Okay — It’s official — it’s Spring — you must do something for yourself. How long have you been cooped up with the COVID stuff? Too darn long. This GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter is seriously fun stuff and extremely freeing to your soul. I could literally feel my long-oppressed angry-COVID-anxiety meltaway.

I had seen several of these scooters around because I pass a University on my way to work and my boss purchased one last year. There have been a couple of people at work who left their cars at work and borrowed my boss’s scooter to ride home. I finally had to take a turn. Here is my review.

You Gotta Get a Scooter — it’s Time

About the GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter

This scooter is built for long-distance with a high-quality 36V17.5aH LG battery. The G Max Ultra holds the charge for up to 45 miles making it great for a commuting scooter. It has a 350 Watt Motor so you still have good power and speed up to 20mph — plus you still have low power consumption.

The GMAX supports riders up to 220lbs (but I watched a couple of chubbier peeps at work ride this with no problem, no slow down — no rubbing tires or anything). The scooter zooms along great even uphill. The specs say it can handle up to a 20-degree climb. I don’t know how steep that is, but everyone tells me they wouldn’t live on a hill as steep as I live on — and the scooter zooms up the hill with no problem.

I love the tires. They are shock-absorbing — even when hitting the curb (I admit with shame). But you can jump one of those curved-up driveway entrances with ease.

What I liked about the GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter

I like the digital display on the new GMAX (different from the Xr), has a great braking system — and the stability is a lot better than the G-Series frame. (The G-series seemed to shimmy a little — this scooter does not.)

The scooter has a cruise control — which I really like — has a speedometer, good battery life.

This series has:

36V 17.5aH LG battery
350 Watt Avg Motor
45 Miles per charge
20 Mph
10″ Air filled tires
Size – 42.3″ x 17.9″ x 47.4″
Weight – 36LBS
Max Rider Weight – 220LBS
Waterproof Rating – IP54

Has overcharge protection and discharge protection. It’s temperature-resistant and is short circuit protected. The headlight is great (extra bright) and was really important to me — as well as the brake lights (you can actually see them).

GOTRAX Scooter folds easily


It was important to me to be able to fold this scooter up easily and stick it in my car. The GMAX has a one-touch (easy) folding system, great to stow in your car (I’m going to take it on vacation).

Image Credit: from the GOTRAX site

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