The CineHome II – the Sound of Luxury

Oh, the beauty, the sound, and the luxury of the ENCLAVE CineHome II system. This system is a whole system of instant gratification that you merely plugin — and presto  — it plays. No AVR is required and no WiFi or passwords are necessary.

Immersive Surround Sound

When you finally do what you should have done in the first place — and get a decent system you won’t believe the rewards. I’m reviewing this system of six custom-designed speakers that allow the CineHome II’s beautifully tuned  11 (eleven) Class-D amplifiers to deliver the cinematic sound straight to your living room.

24/7 tech support — the support seems pleasant and ready to help. The tech support can also talk to a non-techie which is valuable these days if you have teenage friends come to visit your kids. Other kids, who may or may not be people you want touching your system.

Favorite TV shows — the newest Netflix binge — sports, and of course, vid games — all have excellent sound.

I decided to switch back-and-forth from my TV speakers to the CineHome II system and the difference in quality was palpable. It was as if the small sounds were non-existent on the TV (and I have the finest, newest Apple TV).

And, the delight, to queue up YouTube and get some oldies on screen for grammy — of long-dead musicians — and to be able to present a cohesive, wonderful experience (full-sound), was worth more than anything I could say in a review.

Free Three-Day Shipping on All CineHome II Orders

You can get this system delivered straight to your door in as little as 3 days and the monthly financing is reasonable.

The CineHome II – the Sound of Luxury

What I like best

The most valuable part of the system, apart from the sound, is that this system works with my own remote. I don’t have to add another remote into the “remote holder tray.” I detest searching for a different remote, and with this system, you don’t have to have a separate piece of equipment. The CineHome II also can work with a universal remote.

If you prefer, you can use advanced settings and connect your smartphone to the CineHub and use Bluetooth to connect the Enclave App — that works well, too.

Surround Sound

This is a true surround sound system. It has Dolby Audio and DTS tech — even from the stereo signals.


You won’t have to replace your whole system ever again. This system has modular upgrades that the CineHome system can support. For those of you who have to have that deep base vibrating the floor — the system can support additional subwoofers.

Only One Cable

Fall in love with one cable. One cable to your system is all you need. The CineHub is equipped with eARC and ARC (I don’t know what these are, and I don’t care — plugin and go is what I care about). But the eARC and ARC make for the simple setup process.

Connect your HDMI cable (provided) — to the ARC port of the TV (easy, easy, easy picture-directions are shown).

You set the sound output to HDMI ARC (on TV), and you will have the sound you haven’t heard since you let that goofy person talk you into five-foot by two-foot speakers in your nine by nine foot room years ago.

A seriously beautiful setup with incredible sound. Amazing.

Image Credit: ENCLAVE

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