Apple v Epic week 1 roundtable

Nilay and Dieter talk with Verge senior reporter Adi Robertson and senior editor Tom Warren about the first week of the Epic Games v Apple trial.

Why Epic is burning its own cash to cook Apple
Apple antitrust trial kicks off with Tim Sweeney’s metaverse dreams
The Epic Games v. Apple trial kicks off with kids screaming ‘free Fortnite’
Here are Apple’s and Epic’s full slideshows arguing why they should win at trial
I watched the Epic v. Apple trial on Discord
Tim Sweeney emailed Tim Cook personally to call for open app sales after WWDC in 2015
Apple exec suggested cutting App Store commission to 20 percent as early as 2011
Epic v. Apple turns into Windows v. Xbox 
Why the bad iPhone web app experience keeps coming up in Epic v. Apple

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