Attack on meat supplier came from REvil, ransomware’s most cutthroat gang

Enlarge / Ransomware (credit: Getty Images)

The cyberattack that halted some operations at the world’s biggest meat processor this week was the work of REvil, a ransomware franchise known for its ever-escalating series of cutthroat tactics designed to extort the highest price.

The FBI made the attribution on Wednesday, a day after word emerged that Brazil-based JBS SA had experienced a ransomware attack that prompted the closure of at least five US-based plants, in addition to facilities in Canada and Australia.

High-pressure ransom

REvil and its affiliates account for about 4 percent of attacks on the public and private sectors. In most respects, REvil is a fairly average ransomware enterprise. What sets it apart is the cruelty of its tactics, which are designed to exert maximum pressure on victims.

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