Oh, How I Love the Coral UV 2

Okay, this is a product review — so I should hurry and say that I’m totally prejudiced in favor of the Coral UV 2. Have I tried the Coral UV 2 — why, yes! And the Coral UV 2’s Kickstarter starts today. There is also a Kickbooster opportunity — watch for it.

Is your phone really as dirty as a toilet seat?

Scientists at the University of Arizona found that your phone is TEN TIMES DIRTIER than most toilet seats — yuk! And another study showed that the typical high school student’s smartphone could have 17,000 bacterial gene copies on it. And then we started into COVID.

Coral UV-2 Sanitizer

When COVID started, I’d already read all of these stats and had been grossed out by awful germs we carry around on our phones — but the pandemic made me more determined than ever to cut down on germs.

Oh, How I Love the Coral UV 2

When germs start killing folks, I decided it was time to take a stand. What kills most germs? UV light. And when we are all working from home most of the time, I was even more worried about the germs I have on my personal equipment.

The design won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award — an internationally recognized award that honors the very best product design.

Coral UV 2, Red Dot Design Award.

But even more than the great design, Coral UV wanted to help make a difference during Covid-19 by donating the first-generation sanitizers to hospitals and fire stations across the US. Thank you, Coral UV.

Coral UV-2

Sometimes it’s been hard to get my stuff into the Coral UV 2 because there are baby bottles in there — but it’s fast and effective against the germs you are worried about.

What I Like

Do I worry about my older kid opening the lid and getting the UV light in her eyes? No — if the lid is opened — the safety switch automatically shuts the lights off. It also has a child-proof filter design that prevents anyone from opening the filter.

This is a large-capacity sterilizer that can fit about six bottles and nipples, plus a few other things all at once. The Coral UV-2 is safe for your cell phone and other electronics. Toss in your game controllers, iPad, keys and eyeglasses with no problem.

Coral UV 2, safe for electronics.

The unit has about 6000 hours of UV-C sterilization usage. It prevents large particles in the air from getting into the chamber. It kills about 99.9% of harmful germs in about ten minutes. I leave the bottles in for drying for about 40 minutes.

The unit is safe for plastics, glass and silicone. Separate lab testing showed it to be free from BPA, lead and phthalate.

The Coral UV 2 is a classy design — it looks great on the kitchen counter.

Worried About Germs and Your Parents?

Coral UV 2 holds a lot.

Are you worried about germs and your parents right now? I was. Yes, my parents are vaccinated — but I feel better making sure that they have all their stuff UV’d in the Coral UV 2. Whether it’s your kids, yourself or your parents — start taking precautions and take care of the most concerning germs.

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